Wig For You

Open Wiglet/Hairpiece Business

Wig For You opened its hair business, offering top quality hairpieces and wiglets to people suffering from hair loss, and also to those who want to look great.

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About Us

We have committed ourselves to offer quality hand-made hairpieces/wiglets to those who wish to look beautiful, especially for those who are suffering from hair loss or thin hair or those who just want to change their hairstyle.



- 100% human-hair, 100% hand-tied best hairpieces
- Designed to be combined with one's own hair to create a full and natural look
- Versatile pieces which you can perm, crimp and color
- Designed for those experiencing severe thinness or hair loss at the top, frontal or crown areas


1. Women add-on : DaMimo Sally
2. Women pull thru add-on hairpieces: DaMimo Dianne
3. Women hair wiglet: DaMimo Eden, DaMimo Kay
4. Man/Women toupee: DaMimo Uni



- 100% human-hair
- Can perm, crimp and color

Women hair extension: Amy Clip It

Amy Clip It